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Workout of the Week 04-30-18 FST7 Week 5 – Arms

April WOW Training Style: FST-7 (Fascia Stretch Training)
For April we are focusing on the FST-7 Training methodology. This program was created by Hany Rambod and focuses primarily on muscle hypertrophy (growth). FST-7 is pretty simple to introduce into your workouts. Essentially, you will complete a traditional workout with 4-5 exercises per body part, completing 3-4 sets with a rep range between 8-12 reps. Where FST-7 comes into play is the last exercise in your workout of the targeted muscle group, You will complete 7 sets, yes we said 7 haha, of 10 repetitions, back-to-back with only 30-60 seconds in between sets. So, you are pushing yourself to exhaustion to finish these. This fills up the muscle bellies with blood and gives you a great pump! The theory behind this training style is that the increased blood volume in the muscle will cause the fascia (which is a thin membrane around the muscle fibers) to stretch. This essentially allows for the muscles to have more room to grow!