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Meet Adina Oster

Adina Oster

Credentials & Coaching

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Nutritionist - Bauman College
  • YTT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor - Prana Vinyasa Flow
  • BA Interdisciplinary & Anthropology minor - Colorado State University 
  • 2-year study in outdoor recreation & exercise science - WSCU
  • 3 year private practice nutritionist
  • Coached 75+ clients
  • Emphasis in anthropology of food, medical anthropology, and environmental sustainability
  • Background in functional health, therapeutic nutrition, eating disorder recovery, and clinical nutrition
    Personal Athletics
    • OCB Bikini Pro
    • NCAA Cross Country 
    • 1st place Steamboat Half Marathon
    • 2x 1st place Fort Collins Duathlon
    • 11 years training experience
    • Rock climber & mountain sport enthusiast

    My Story 

    I truly believe nutrition for health and performance should align. I am here to bridge that gap. 

    I fell in love with the freedom of running and road biking around age 12, and yoga shortly after. But my story really begins when I was anorexic, around age 15. I had started to aggressively push my cycling mileage and learning about spiritual aesthetics. During this season I learned three of the biggest lessons of my life: 1) Me neglecting my needs didn’t help anyone else, 2) I learned I cared enough about food to die for it, I had to learn how to live for it, and 3) It was up to me. 

    I taught myself how to nourish my body, started working with a nutritionist (and a therapist!), learned how it felt to be properly fueled, how to cope with weight gain and gained over 25lbs through healthy, whole foods. I learned how to redirect my energy into life-enriching activities instead of destructive ones. I got back on my bike, back to the activities I loved now with a newfound appreciation for what they did for my life and well-being. 

    Through college athletics, I struggled with endurance injuries, even after a healthy amount of weight gain. Doctors told me that my only solution was to give up running and undergo surgery. I had seen food heal me once, I knew it could do it again. I approached performance from a holistic perspective, focused on well-rounded training and nutrition for strength. It worked. I attended nutrition school to learn more, switched from a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle to a whole food, sustainability focused omnivores diet, and continued to pursue all the outdoor activities I loved. 

    I needed a sport that celebrated muscle and size instead of being small. This idea of bodybuilding kept coming up and I finally took the plunge. I am so glad I did!! Bodybuilding has challenged me to show up for myself everyday, not just on race day. It has enabled me to grow in all areas of my life while still living a balanced, full and HEALTHY lifestyle. Nutrition and fitness have been my life boat, they taught me to have grace with myself, to keep long term goals in mind, and to trust my body. We are capable of so much, but we can only show up as our best, when we are giving our bodies the fuel and care they need! 

    Why I love Coaching

    Though nutrition is a science field, at heart, I am a right brained gypsy, an anthropologist, and a sucker for a really good time! I love learning about and working with people. I truly believe the only successful programs are customized, for you, your body, and your life. I love helping my clients gain the knowledge and habits they need to feel empowered to take control of their health and fitness. There is a special moment when someone realizes what they are capable of and who they want to be, and that they CAN be! I love how connected food is to every part of our life and how much growth we get to experience together. From conversations about your week, to sharing the best recipes we’ve tried recently, I am honored to coach you through this journey. 

    My Coaching Style

    We won’t get very far if I throw a plan at you. I work with my clients to form the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. I prefer the title “coach” to nutritionist because I work with so much more than just nutrition! I am a firm believer that we can’t support our bodies without also working with our mindset, our beliefs, and our routines. From nutrition and training, to mindset, relationship with food, lifestyle, and navigating your goals in and out of the gym, I am here every step of the way. Through Facetime, e-mail, weekly check-ins, milestones, and all the challenges and successes. I can give you my tool box, but I can’t sling the hammer for you! We’re in this together and I can’t wait to help you crush some goals!