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Alec Tramblay

Alec's Credentials

 National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

ACE Fitness- Certified Personal Trainer

My fitness journey began back in 2010. I signed up at a mixed martial arts gym in my town and instantly fell in love with it. I was always a very skinny kid growing up and, in MMA, I was always the smallest when we were sparring or grappling. Until 2012, the only workouts I had done were kettlebell exercises or CrossFit styled workouts. Summer of 2011 at a mere 130 pounds, I finally decided to start trying to add some muscle to my frame. Over the next two years or so, I began to shift my focus more towards building my physique rather than trying to become a pro fighter. I began reading magazines, talking to the “big guys” in the gym, watching as many YouTube videos as I could find, trying different programs, and basically just doing anything I could to learn about bodybuilding.

Fast forward a little bit, I joined the Marine Corps in 2013 and really started to hone in on building my physique to the best of my abilities. The gym became my release from the stressors of the military. Due to my high fitness test scores, I eventually was put in charge of getting overweight Marines back into weight standards which was my first experience training and coaching people. In 2016, I started competing in Men’s Physique, placing third out of 21 competitors in my first show. Since then, I have competed in a few more shows, but most importantly, I began learning as much has I could about nutrition and helping people reach their personal fitness goals.

Today, I am studying nutrition at Colorado State University and working as a personal trainer/contest prep coach. Helping people with their nutrition and fitness is something that sort of just happened and I truly fell in love with it. I hope that I can not only help you reach your goals but also teach you all that I know along the way.

2016 NPC Night of Champions 3rd Place Class C

2017 NPC Legends Classic 1st Place Class C

2018 NPC Salt City Showdown 1st Place Class B 

2018 NPC Northern Colorado Championships 1st Place Class C