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Fitness and Nutrition Knowledge from Ashley Wilber


Ashley Wilber

Coach/In-Store Nutritionist (Greeley)



  • UNC graduate. Bachelors degree in Psychology with an emphasis in mental health 
  • Nesta Fitness Coach certified 
  • NPC competitor 


Coaching Style: 

I consider myself to be more a lifestyle coach. While I enjoy prepping clients for shows, I have a drive and passion to help people who are just getting started in their fitness journey. There are many obstacles that come with beginning a fitness journey and having the background that I do in mental health, I make it known that you as a client, are supported mentally as well. I push my clients to do their absolute best, however my goal isn’t to make food or dieting an unenjoyable process because having a healthy relationship with food is very important. I am a coach that will go out of my way to make sure you have the resources and support that you need to be successful in your physical transformation, but also in every aspect of your life. Being the local in-store Nutritionist at Atlas Nutrition gives me the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with my clients and also helps with keeping you accountable on your journey. 

I know having somebody to guide you on a new journey like this is challenging, but that’s why I choose to be the coach to show up in any way that I can to help you be successful.


My Journey: 


The person you see now, is a person who has been a work in progress for many years, and I have fought to be the person I am today. The cards haven’t been dealt in my favor, but that doesn’t stop me and it never has stopped me from improving my life physically and mentally, every day. The past five years and most of my adult life has been such a rollercoaster, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It has been a constant struggle with my physical and mental health, and for years, I let my health problem be an excuse for the way I mistreated my body. I was involved in a bad relationship, gained a lot of weight and became very depressed and became comfortable in the life I was living which was very unenjoyable. My main reason for lifting and getting back in the gym was to be able to protect myself and to prove to myself that my health problem doesn’t define me, and the things I’ve been through don’t define me either. Changing my diet and becoming more involved in the gym started to pull me out of my depression, helped build my confidence, and I was also introduced to a new amazing community of people. This was an entirely new lifestyle I was being introduced to, it was a big change, but also the most rewarding change I allowed myself to make. 

My point is, you may be dealt the worst cards, but it is up to you and ONLY you how choose you play them. Take a chance on yourself to be the best possible version of yourself. You will thank yourself later.