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Ashley Wilber

Ashley's Credentials

 National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Fitness and health have always played a huge role in my life having being involved in
sports for the majority of my life, and by being surrounded by friends and family who
valued a healthy lifestyle. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a
bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Psychology in December of 2018, and have a huge
passion for expressing the importance of taking care of you mentally as well. The most
important message that I want you to know it that your mental health is just as important
as your physical health. After high school, I fell off the wagon for a bit due to various
health problems and by not staying active in my every day life anymore. I became very
inactive, gained a lot of weight, and became very unhappy with the way that I felt and
looked. I felt stuck. I started to use my health problems as an excuse to justify my reason
for being stagnant in my life; mentally and physically. One day I decided that enough was
enough and I wasn’t going to let my health problems define my abilities to succeed in life
anymore. So, I decided to lose the weight, get my head straight and do the best I could
every day. Soon after getting my health under control, I decided to compete in my first
show in April of 2018, and I can say without a doubt that getting back into fitness has
changed my life and it continues to expand and improve my perception.
I am now and always have had a passion to help people be the absolute BEST version of
themselves, so let’s start this journey together!!