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Christine Contreras

Christine Contreras

Christine's Credentials:

National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association - Fitness Nutrition Specialist


I remember looking at myself in the mirror 9 years ago and FINALLY making the decision to prioritize my health, creating an overall positive lifestyle change for the better. I remember coming home after school everyday and immediately doing my own research. I would spend every spare moment that I could get YouTubing, Googling, reading over articles and self educating myself as much as what I could on diet, nutrition, workouts etc. And with everything that I’ve learned, I began to create my own meal plan and workout program. Along the way I experienced trail and error countless times in order to find out what works best for me and my body based on the goals that I’ve set for myself. Fitness changed my life because not only did it really change me on the outside, but the inner and overall personal life changes were just as drastic. Fitness has always been a positive outlet for me throughout life’s hard times, it has taught me a lot about who I am as a person and fitness has  also developed many important personal traits that I can carry into all other areas of my life. After surpassing all of my personal fitness goals, I decided to try competing because I saw it as an open opportunity to challenge myself even further in a whole new way! And ever since I stepped on stage for my first figure competition, I was hooked and I’ve been running with it ever since! It’s crazy to see how much I’ve changed and grown physically, mentally and emotionally during these past 9 years so far. The biggest most important thing fitness has taught me is that I can do ANYTHING that I put my mind to! Anything is possible if you work hard, believe in yourself and never ever give up on yourself no matter what. You are capable of more than you know!


Why I enjoy coaching:

My passion has always been people. I’ve always had that deep desire to help others in any way that I possibly can. There’s just so much reward in helping others better themselves and being a positive impact in their lives. I love coaching because it not only gives me the chance to do just that, but it also gives me the opportunity to use everything that I’ve learned over the years to best help my clients in the best way possible. Because I know what it’s like to feel lost, I know what it’s like to feel self conscious and insecure at the gym and I know what it’s like to struggle. If I can be the person that I wish I had during the beginning of my fitness journey, then I’d be more than happy to be that person for you right now! It’s such a beautiful thing to witness someone’s growth from the inside out. And it makes it even better when I have the opportunity to be a part of that.


My Coaching Style:

As a coach, I will ALWAYS be there for you whenever you need. Because like I shared before, I know what it’s like to struggle and I know what it’s like to feel alone. Which in turn, this personal experience of mine really opened my eyes to see how important, beneficial and impactful it is to have a strong support system by your side to help guide, motivate and educate you along the way. As your coach, I will invest in you and your personal goals 110% and I will always aim to go the extra mile for you in every way possible. I am here for YOU. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I want to be there to push you, I want to be there to support you, I want to help you grow in every way possible and I want to show you that YOU CAN achieve anything that you put your mind to! You just need to make the decision to start. So... let’s get started!