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Meet Gabriella Gonzales

Growing up as a military brat, I was constantly experiencing new schools, new friends, a new home, and a new lifestyle. I sought out a constant in all of this, discovering fitness to be something I could immerse myself in no matter where I was. I began playing soccer at a young age, and immediately fell in love with the sport. As soon as I received news of my next big move, I would begin researching soccer programs in the area alongside my parents. Something about knowing that I would still be able to play the sport I loved and have the camaraderie of a team helped to ease the nerves of yet another move. 

Graduating high school, my future goals and mindset began to turn away from soccer towards earning my degree in special education at the University of Northern Colorado. I chose to continue playing soccer my freshman year at a slightly less competitive level, but soon began struggling to balance it all. Soon, I began putting all my effort towards schooling, eliminating any forms of fitness in my life. After gaining weight, losing confidence, and beginning to feel as if something was missing, I searched for another outlet that allowed me to experience the same joy I experienced playing soccer. 

I began working out, seeking every opportunity I could to develop my knowledge in fitness and nutrition. This led to the gym being part of my normal routine, something I truly enjoyed and continued to grow in. Continuing to seek new knowledge and better myself, I began training with Atlas. Seeing the progress not only in my physical appearance, but also in my mentality and personal confidence, I was hooked. As an official part of the Atlas Nutrition family, I look forward to growing with you, to losing with you, to gaining with you as wellness becomes a mainstay in your life as it has mine!