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Meet Josh Sloan

Joshua Sloan

Bachelors Science Exercise Physiology - Cum Laude
Atlas Nutrtion General Manager

My fitness journey has been an ever evolving one! From high school and college
athletics, to undergraduate studies, to now a career in the health industry, my life has
always been shaped and molded by fitness. As General Manager of Atlas Nutrition it is
my pleasure to work with motivated people everyday as they aspire to reach their own
goals, and I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job!

As a high school athlete I always struggled to keep weight on and was frustrated
by the ‘cookie cutter’ approach that the industry seemed to throw at those beginning their
fitness journey. As I transitioned to college athletics and exercise physiology courses, I
began to develop my personal philosophy when it comes to making body composition
changes. I came to the realization that each person’s goals are unique to them and so their
exercise and supplement regiment should both reflect that variability! One of the
cornerstones of the Atlas Nutrition model is that we always stress a customized meal
plan, individualized supplement stack, and purpose-driven workout routine!

The results and confidence I’ve developed personally from making fitness a
priority in my life drive me to instill that in others as well! The Atlas Nutrition team has
been a perfect fit for me and I urge you to come see what makes us so unique and
successful. We provide accountability, effective supplementation, and the research based
techniques to help develop the best version of you! See you in store soon!