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Meet Kendra Crabb

Kendra Crabb




National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association - Fitness Nutrition

National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT

Fitour - Advanced Yoga Instructor

National NPC Competitor

1st Place - Texas State Championships

My Story:

I’ve chased health and fitness my entire adult life. It began with yoga - hatha and vinyasa. Beginner to advanced. I even taught yoga for two years. The pursuit of fitness then shifted to running marathons. 

I set goals. I tried to stay fit. But I didn’t understand nutrition. I experimented with Vegetarianism, Keto, Paleo, and was still struggling. I eventually began weight lifting and fell in love with it! I hired a coach to guide me through competing in an NPC bodybuilding competition and it was a whole new world that I loved being a part of. 

Hiring a coach healed my relationship with food which healed my metabolism and helped me to have more energy and feel and look better than I ever had before.

Throughout my own health journey, I’ve worked to become certified in nutrition and personal training so that I can help others feel their best as well. Getting control of my physical self was life-changing. Since then I’ve become healthier not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. 

I’ve recently married into a family of 4 lively kiddos and have become passionate about family and children nutrition. I love working out with my kids, introducing them to new foods, helping them to appreciate healthy eating and whole foods, and of COURSE teaching them about balance. (We love chocolate chip cookies in our home!)

My coaching style:

Health for me and my clients = body, mind, + spirit. I am committed to your overall wellness. Being fit isn’t just about looking good, it’s about living a wholehearted life, and a long life! I make sure that my clients are getting the support, nutrition, and results that they need to achieve this overall wellness. 

My passion is working with those who need a friendly, understanding, and capable hand to hold through their journey. No lasting or important change will come overnight, so while I hold my clients accountable, I also celebrate baby steps and allow space for a little grace.

Balance is the name of the game for me. I don’t like extremes as they are not a long term solution. I’m here to change HABITS, heal negative relationships with eating/exercise, and teach young friends how to set the rest of their lives up for success. 

I am committed to you. I try to make myself as available as possible for any support needed via phone calls, text, FaceTime, etc.