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Meet Kendra Crabb "Mama Ken"

Programs I Coach:
Challenger Program
Titan Program
Warrior Program
    Contest Prep
    Personal Fitness & Lifestyle
    Hormone + Gut Health
    Family Nutrition 
    Holistic Approach (Soulful Wellness) 
        Certified NASM - CPT (In progress)
      Certified NESTA - Fitness Nutrition
      1st Place Bikini NPC Texas State Championships
      National Bikini Athlete
      2+ Years as a Nutrition Coach
      6+ Years as a Fitness Professional

        My Story: 

        I’m obsessed with becoming a better version of myself, with pushing my physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries, and connecting with other people. So I pretty naturally found my way to becoming a fitness coach and competitor. I started with training for half marathons, then full marathons, then leading groups through marathon training, then certifying in and teaching Yoga alongside that, then understanding and certifying in the essentials (and the nuances) of nutrition and then hormones and gut health...and the learning just continues to continue! Along the way, I’ve married the LOML and inherited 4 amazing step-kids and have found a real love (and clearly a purpose) for family nutrition. Also for helping busy moms and dads create and protect space to take care of themselves. 

        Why I Love Coaching: 

        Once you learn that ‘only up from here’ is a very realistic option for you and for literally everyone, that process of personal growth is addicting to experience and to facilitate. So here I am! And I’m happy to be here for you. I really do believe that the best is yet to be, and that can especially apply to our physical health. Helping to guide others to a better version of themselves, whether that looks like dropping 30+lbs, building more muscle than they’ve ever had, healing their relationship with food, shifting their coping mechanisms, finding their rhythm and their presence... it is literally everything to me. And I can’t believe this is what I get to do Every. Single. Day. 

        My Coaching Style: 

        -I take a feminine approach (which works for men and women) where I focus on trusting the process, believing in yourself, NEVER shaming or talking down, and making space for life to happen.
        -I still have high expectations. Change occurs when challenge is present. So I will challenge you to level up. 
        -When you talk, I listen. Sometimes talking through what’s heavy on your mind will allow you to have more space to work harder toward your goals.
        -I’m here to help you create a LIFESTYLE. Not treat this like a crash-diet. 
        -I offer spiritual practices, mindset and organization / efficiency guidance.
        -Whatever you need and want to best support you through this process.