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Meet Lauren Polidoro

Lauren Polidoro

Senior Coach/ Store Owner




  • Coached 150+ clients
  • Contest prep (Titan) coach
  • 15+ overall titles 
  • 80 + top 5 placings 
  • Nationally ranked contest prep clients
  • Transformation (Challenger) coach
  • Mindset & goal setting training 
  • Weekly FaceTime Calls
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Private Atlas Babes Facebook Group 
  • Emphasis on being healthy inside and out. If your body is healthy on all levels, we will get the results we want together. 


  • Precision Nutrition certified 
  • NESTA Fitness Coach certified 
  • Top 5 NPC National Bikini Competitor  
  • 10+ NPC competitions




My story: 

Growing up I played competitive sports, I loved the structure and challenge. Later down the road I was offered scholarships to play sports in college, but I ended up not going as I was not sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I then found myself lost with no direction. I was depressed, drinking for no reason, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I hit a wak-up call and moved back home with my parents. Shortly after moving home, I finally competed in my first show. I was HOOKED! I loved the discipline, the challenge, the focus it took, and most importantly the CONFIDENCE I gained! I knew this is something I would continue to do, I am now going on 7 years of competing. Each year I have learned more and more about myself, and how grateful I am I found competing and the people who I have met along my journey. Fitness saved me, and I would never trade it for the world.  


Why I love coaching:

Coaching. Where to start? I absolutely love what I GET TO DO daily. I am a fulltime coach, I get to help 60 plus woman DAILY reach their goals. Competing or transforming their lifestyle, I am so grateful to be there to help. I love being able to challenge each of my clients, and push them outside their comfort zone to GROW. Seeing their confidence grow and how happy with their body is a win to me. I also love being able to teach my clients how to mentally grow as well. When you dive into a prep or transforming your lifestyle it is a mental journey, and I always stress this to each client I am here to help on every level. I want to not only help you get physically fit, but mentally fit. 


My Coaching Style:

I will challenge my clients, and I will push you to be the BEST version of you. Here is a quick breakdown of how I coach – 

  • Communication is crucial. This is a vital part of my coaching. I require weekly FaceTime calls along with one online check-in per week. I found talking face to face has allowed for quicker success, and higher levels of trust between my clients and I. 
  • I focus on making sure our bodies are working in our favor, I do not only focus on the ”look” of your body, we need to make sure we are healthy inside and out. Which means I will not give out quick fixes, but I will get you a plan that works long term for you.
  • I will help you as a client learn how to set goals, how to grow mentally, and how to overcome challenges along the way. 
  • With my prep clients I stress the importance of reverse dieting and why we need to do so very thoroughly. As your reverse is just as important as your prep.
  • I am here for you, but I cannot do the work for you. I will give you all the tools and 110% of my time and I expect hard work at the same level back. 
  • I am educated on many different types of dieting styles, and I continue to educate myself on nutrition, supplementation, and overall health. 


Overall, I cannot wait to have you apart of the Atlas team! Let’s work as a team and reach those goals you have always wanted too!