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Meet Livie Lusby


Livie Lusby

Senior Coach


  • Coached 75+ clients 
  • Contest Prep Coach
  • Lifestyle/Transformation Coach
  • Mental health and mindset emphasis  
  • Nationally ranked contest prep clients
  • NESTA Fitness Coach certified 
  • National level NPC bikini competitor
    • 6+ years of competing 
  • Posing Coach 
  • Licensed Cosmetologist for stage hair and makeup 


My journey:

Growing up I played sports and was very active but when high school came around I hit some rough years and struggled with mental health issues, partying, disordered eating and some very dark years ahead. I was always very small in my late teens and earlier 20’s, I did a lot of cardio and always had a gym membership but was never eating enough or training correctly. I finally had enough of trying temporary fixes to change my life and bought training sessions with a personal trainer in 2013. Little did I know that was the first step to changing my entire lifestyle and mental health. I learned food wasn’t my enemy and weights would help grow not only my body but become a therapy for me. After moving to Fort Collins summer 2013 where I didn’t know anybody and didn’t want to fall back into old habits I started going to the gym every day. I researched nutrition, different workouts, read so many articles and watched so many videos. I was getting stronger and more confident by the day. I decided to do my first NPC show summer 2014, through competing I started writing plans for friends and became laser focused on growing muscle and become stronger in all ways. From there I did 1-2 shows every year since, taken off seasons, played with many diets and learned different training techniques. Fitness has taught me more about myself then I ever thought possible. It has pulled me out of some of the darkest and hardest times in my life. If 20 year old me saw the woman I have become today she wouldn’t believe it. It is possible to change your life, no matter how impossible it may seem at the time. 

Coaching and why I love it:

As far back as I can remember I had a passion for helping people. Since I was a kid I was making sure my mom tipped enough to the waitress when we went out. I went to cosmetology school to further my reach to help people. I went to Uganda, Africa to learn more about teaching and helping people. When fitness became a huge part of my life that was one the reasons I fell in love with it, how much it transformed my life all around. Coaching has allowed me to change someone and their entire life. With me coaching isn’t just about changing how you look, its about changing your mentality, your discipline, your short term and long-term goals and how you see and treat yourself. I want you to learn how to set yourself up for success all around. Aim higher in all aspects and take control of the power we all have to reach our goals. Nothing is impossible if you have the tools and mindset to accomplish it. I am one of the tools for you. As your coach I want to push you, teach you and be there as a guide and support. I expect you to work hard, execute your plans and always keep your goals in mind. At the same time I want you to be honest with me when you mess up (because we ALL fail), talk to me when you are struggling and ask me any questions you need to! When you fail or are struggling I want to figure out WHY and how we can fix it. 

When it comes to diet and training I have had clients all across the board. I make each plan based on your goals and needs. From contest prep to weight loss to muscle gain to hormone health to strength and performance. I have experience with IBS and gut health, vegetarian/vegan diets, internment fasting, carb cycling, fat loss and muscle gain. I believe in the long term and will put your health first always. To me this isn’t just a quick diet, it is about a lifestyle change. I will always keep learning and growing my mind so I can guarantee I am giving my clients the best of me possible so I can help you achieve the best you.