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Meet Kenzie Sorbo


  • Bachelor's Degree is Fitness and Health Promotion
  • USA World Cup member for Modern Pentathlon
  • Pan American Bronze Medalist for Modern Pentathlon

When I was a kid, my moms philosophy was the more sports I was involved in, the less likely I would be to chase after boys. So she put me in soccer, gymnastics, dance, swimming, horseback riding, shooting, cross country, track, really anything she could think of. Needless to say I was a very busy kid but I loved it. I got to experience all kinds of different sports and it allowed me to figure out what I truly enjoyed doing. 

But during middle school was when my fitness journey really started to take off. I was scouted by the Olympic coaches for Modern Pentathlon; which is running, swimming, riding a horse, fencing, and shooting in one day. I trained for this sport all throughout my high school career and took time off after graduation to really pursue it. It is one of the most challenging sports I’ve ever done, but I’m very honored that I was able to compete around the world representing the USA. It helped me grow in ways I can’t even describe and truly helped shape the woman I am today. 

Today, fitness is still a staple in my life. I enjoy going to the gym with my husband, taking our dogs for walks, hiking around beautiful Colorado where we live, horseback riding with my mom, etc. To me, “being fit” doesn’t have to mean working out for 3+ hours a day and eating a perfectly healthy diet. I believe it means getting out, moving your body, and finding something that brings joy into your life. I live by the philosophy, a healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle; moving my body and fueling it with proper nutrients but also having a few margaritas on the weekends with friends and family.