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Tony Polidoro

Tony's Credentials:

Four years Biomedical Sciences Education - Colorado State University

National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

2014 NPC Colorado State Championships - Men's Heavyweight Bodybuilding 3rd Place

2015 NPC​ Colorado State Championships - Men's Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding 4th Place

2015 NPC​ Rocky Mountain Regional Championships - Men's Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion

2018 NPC Northern Colorado Championships- Men's Classic Physique class winner

I was always a pretty fit guy throughout high school and college. I started competing in bodybuilding shows when I was about 17 years old. I pursued the sport for several years, but while in college, I fell into the classic college kid activities and the partying lifestyle. I gave up bodybuilding. I did continue to work out, but my weekend activities began to catch up with me. I was going down a path that I am not proud of. Luckily, I was inspired to get back into competing and living a much healthier lifestyle. I cut out the things that were holding me back and began to rebuild not only my body, but my mind.

That's the thing I absolutely love about fitness and even competing in bodybuilding shows: you learn so much about yourself. You grow as an individual, and you learn how to test your limits and push yourself. You learn how to sacrifice. During your fitness journey, you develop this drive, this motivation, that allows you to take yourself to new levels, not only in your physical appearance, but you also learn how to prioritize your life. You develop a routine that allows you to start achieving goals in all aspects of life.

As an owner of Atlas Nutrition, I can confidently say we wanted to create something bigger. We wanted to create a community, a place for people at all levels of fitness to go to learn, to achieve, to grow as individuals, and to conquer their world. Every contest prep coach is here to help improve lives, and we do it in an educated, safe manner that will give you life-changing, long-lasting results.

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