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Meet Tony Polidoro

Owner & Senior Coach

Programs I Coach: *Application Only*
Challenger Program
Titan Program
    Contest Prep
    Lifestyle Fitness
    Weight Loss Transformations
    Mindset & Goal Setting
    Athletic Performance
    Military Preparation  
        250+ Clients Coached & Over 5yrs of Coaching
      -80lbs Weight Loss Transformations
      NCCPT & NESTA Fitness Coach Certified  
      4-year Study in Biomedical Sciences 
      Nationally Ranked NPC Classic Physique
      10+ Top 5 NPC Placings as a Competitor

        My Story: 

        I’ll never forget the days of waiting for my dad to get home so we could go to the local rec-center and workout together, or sneaking in and snagging one on my own ;) I was always one to find a way ‘around’ the rule of being ‘underage’. I was persistent in finding ways to fuel this passion and exploit its impact within my personal self-development. Fitness is the tool I used to mold me into the man I wanted to become. It produced results that ran far deeper than physical aesthetics. This level of dedication led me right on stage, competing for the first time, as a Teen Bodybuilder at the age of 17, the best part- I won! This validated each sacrifice made and gave me a sense of accomplishment that built confidence within my identity. Fast forward to college… troubling times. I was faced with many failures, lost my direction and spiraled down a path to set me back but it also set me up for one hell of a wakeup call. This call came in 2013, after being admitted to the hospital for the poor decisions I was making at the time. I am grateful for this reality check as it reminded me of my potential and it supported my ability to persevere and embrace positive change. It re-lit a fire that illuminated my passion for fitness. I began to replace bad habits with good ones, strengthened my discipline, while taking the reins back to steer my life to where I am today. 

        Why I Love Coaching: 

        I love coaching because… I am able to witness the impact that a commitment to personal transformation makes, while being a catalyst that supports the ripple effect of positive change.

        My Coaching Style: 

        -I’ll challenge you to transform, not only your body but your mind & soul
        -I’m here to support you but I will hold you accountable
        -Communication = the best means to progress
        -We will set goals… and achieve them 
        -In this journey together… “for to go fast you go alone, to go far you go together” 
        -Let’s lean in to your strengths