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Posing with Livie Lusby

Posing with Livie Lusby

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Learn how to show off your best physique on stage. Posing is a crucial part of prep and overlooked by many. I will teach you the best angles for your own body, teach you a routine that fits your personality and style. I will show you how to walk, pose and carry yourself on stage. We will run through how the stage is setup and and exactly what you will be doing on stage. I will give you advice on suits, shoes, jewelry and hair if needed as well. Do not waste a beautiful physique and months of hard work by pushing posing to the back burner! 

First time competitors require an intro session to fully cover how things work, how the show day goes and what to expect before we jump into starting to work on your routine. Please bring heels, shorts/sports bra, under 8 weeks out must have posing bikini or swimsuit cut to see your glutes.